CTA Chair May Blog, but She Doesn’t [Regularly] Ride the Train

Last fall I pointed to the blog maintained by Carole Brown, the chairwoman of the Chicago Transit Authority. Today, after arriving late to work due to CTA delays, I noticed (thanks to Steve Rhodes) this blurb in the Tribune:

[CTA Chairwoman] Brown complained that she saw four CTA buses broken down on the street, with passengers inside, while she was driving home from work on Tuesday.”

[Update: Steve Rhodes points to a comment by Carole Brown on her blog where she implies that the Tribune misquoted her: “I did not drive to or from work on Tuesday. As I have said many times, I take the bus to and from work several times a week, depending on my travel schedule.” As of Sunday afternoon, the Tribune article contains no correction.]

For the record, both Brown’s employer, Lehman Brothers, and the CTA offices (reportedly equipped with nearly $6 million in furniture) are located in downtown Chicago, near lots of public transport options. (I’m guessing that Frank Kruesi does not use the CTA for his commutes, either.)

Brown’s latest post is an attempt to mitigate the CTA’s crisis by comparing it to New York’s problems. “I thought it was useful to point out that CTA is not alone in wrestling with the challenges of underfunding.” Indeed. Of course, in New York, the Mayor rides the subway to work. Anyone seen Mayor Daley on the bus lately?

Also, for those who may have missed it: last week Zafer Liles died under a Red Line train last week; the week before a man fell onto the Blue Line’s tracks; and of course last summer a child fell apparently fell through the platform onto the street at Chicago and Franklin. Perhaps none of these incidents are the fault of the CTA, but, coupled with the occassional train running off the rails and ongoing delays, the accidents do not paint a picture of a healthy system.

As much as I would like to blam someone I can see, the CTA’s employees always seem to be doing their best to make increasingly difficult commutes as safe and efficient as possible.

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One thought on “CTA Chair May Blog, but She Doesn’t [Regularly] Ride the Train

  1. That reminds me of how the people who run Amtrak fly between NYC and DC, instead of taking the wonderful (and relatively inexpensive) Amtrak Acela.

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