Agent Zero and the SportsTubosphere

Jeff Jarvis points out the Guardian (reg.) report that the Chelsea Football Club has cut a YouTube deal. It may be the first football club to dive into YT, but the NBA’s Washington Wizards, for one, have already staked a claim, most famously (302,000 views) through that Gilbert Arenas-DeShawn Stevenson shoot-out. (Alas, no footage of the recurring Hayward-Thomas fisticuffs.) In Sunday’s Washington Post, Michael Lee makes the case that Wizard star Arenas is an operator in the disaggregated media world:

…[H]e jettisoned his agent in September and, unlike most of the game’s elite, lacks a major corporate-driven marketing engine behind him.

Arenas instead has been both the agent and beneficiary of a largely Internet-based publicity machine. His well-documented idiosyncrasies and personal charm have turned him into a darling of the growing pro basketball blogosphere.

Arenas also sponsors Final Boss, a team of  pro Major Leage Gaming Halo players.

My TiVO recording of All-Star Saturday ran out before the conclusion of the Nate Robinson-Gerald Green Dunk-Off, so naturally I headed over to YouTube where I had to cycle through a number of that increasingly-common “The video you have requested is not available” messages before finding an edited highlight reel– a video is no longer available. This one is still up.


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