Accidental Journalism Breaks Rogers Park Murders

At the Broken Heart of Rogers Park, Craig Gernhardt did some accidental journalism when he broke the story of Friday’s gruesome triple murder– along with reports of an unrelated apparent shooting “around Ashland & Birchwood.” Gernhardt uses the report to tweak the incumbent 49th ward Alderman (“Remember, Alderman Moore tells us, “Crime is Down”!) and has been covering his re-election bid on YouTube.

After updating his report five times on Saturday, Craig turned it over to the pros, saying, “Major news coverage will begin this evening on the mainstream news. This is blog reporter Mr. ‘Broken Heart’ signing out.” This morning, the Tribune  and Sun-Times have details, naming Daryoush Ebrahimi as the suspect in custody. The Sun Times, citing an unnamed “law enforcement source” ,  reports that Ebrahimi “videotaped himself on his cell phone after the attack, apologizing and saying he felt he had been disrespected…”  From the Tribune’s report:

The rampage ended what had been a short-lived family reunion. Ebrahimi’s sister-in-law, identified by friends and her former husband as Karolin Khooshabeh, immigrated to the United States from Iran in the mid-1990s, leaving much of her family behind. Five years ago, she helped bring her mother and father to West Rogers Park.

In November she was finally able to help her sister, brother-in-law and his daughter make the journey from Iran to Chicago.

“She was overjoyed that after all these years her family was finally united,” said Joann Yousif, the former choir director at St. George’s Cathedral, an Assyrian church that the family attended. “It was the reunion she had wanted for so many years. She was happy, relieved to have them so close and, finally, safe in Chicago.”

Karolin Khooshabeh, 40, was found dead in the bathroom of the Washtenaw apartment about 7:30 Saturday morning.


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