“Todd Stroger” Blogs

The best thing about this (Cook County Board President) Todd Stroger parody blog is that it reallly sounds like Stroger’s voice:

I have accomplished having the Cook County Board working together in a bipartisan manner. They have every right to work together to come up with a better solution for the budget. I give them credit for all their hard work. Some things I will agree with some I will not. I appreciate all their efforts.

I enjoyed learning of “Stroger’s” affection for 80s music. (Commenters at Bill Baar’s West Side apparently have such low opinions of Stroger that they think the blog may be genuine.)

(Earlier this month, Stroger appointed his cousin as the County’s CFO; the Daily Southtown has more details on the adventures of the first month of his leadership tenure.)

Update: Carol Marin summarizes Stroger’s 6 weeks in power:

In the short six weeks that he’s been in office, Stroger has behaved like an entitled brat. Private elevator. Entourage of bodyguards and coat holders.

He’s handed big salaries and ridiculous raises to his relatives and friends, while deriding questions about his mostly undelineated 17 percent cuts in vital services to the poor. He’s lacked the courage to face public criticism, skipping every public hearing on his budget where citizens were invited to attend. Hundreds showed up. Stroger never did.

Little wonder he was the lone elected official loudly booed at Barack Obama’s recent rally.


One thought on ““Todd Stroger” Blogs

  1. Haha.. I actually wasn’t 100% sure it was a fake. He had commented on my blog when I was bitching about him, and I was a little scared to say anything back, just in case!!

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