When Did Doug Collins Become So Annoying? (And Blond?)

I’m home watching the Bulls defeat LBJ and the Cavaliers. I used to enjoy TNT commentator Doug Collins, so much so that I was glad when Michael Jordan fired him as the coach in Washington. Now, it could be my usual grumpiness that comes at the end of a trip, but Collins is really bugging with his know-it-all ways.

Here’s a clip of Collins’ greatest coaching moment which, coincidentally enough, also took place in Cleveland. (I think I was at the Bulls-Pistons game that follows The Shot.)


2 thoughts on “When Did Doug Collins Become So Annoying? (And Blond?)

  1. He’s always been annoying. He never shuts up, constantly (over) analyzes, and begins many a sentence with, I was talking to (whomever) and he said, blah blah blah. When he and Kevin (Hollerin’) Harlan do a game, I have to turn the sound off.

    Have you ever listened to Mark Jackson announce a game? Calm, laid back, humorous. Plenty of time to listen to the game without all of the clutter.

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