ObamaMedia for 2/26

NY Times:  In Clinton’s Backyard, It’s Open Season as an Obama Fund-Raiser Lines Up Donors:

The Obama campaign has already attracted a number of fund-raisers with ties to Mrs. Clinton or her husband, like Orin Kramer, a prominent hedge fund manager from New Jersey, and James S. Rubin, a private equity manager and son of Robert E. Rubin…

I Trust Him — Standoffish Iowans Flocking to Obama (Chicago Sun-Times):

Even some registered Republicans have succumbed. Monica Green voted for George Bush last time. But at the town hall session, she was volunteering for Obama. She even contributed $250 to his campaign. She has never done that before, not even for a Republican…

Bob Herbert (sub required):

When Senator Obama talks about bringing a new kind of politics to the national scene, he’s talking about something that would differ radically from the relentlessly vicious, sleazy, mendacious politics that have plagued the country throughout the Bush-Clinton years. Whether he can pull that off is an open question. But there’s no doubt the Clintons want to stop him from succeeding.

Senator Obama has come riding out of the wilderness (all right, Chicago) to stand between the Clintons and their dream of returning to the White House and resuming what they will always see as the glory years of the 1990s.

He hurts Senator Clinton in myriad ways. In all the uproar over Mr. Geffen’s comments, hardly anyone has said they were wildly off the mark. There would be no Obama phenomenon if an awful lot of people weren’t fed up with just the sort of mean-spirited, take-no-prisoners politics that the Clintons and the Bush crowd represent. Senator Obama — at least for the time being — is an extremely attractive alternative.

Gov. Kaine has endorsed Obama.

Obama’s relationship complicated with Illinois’ politics

“I don’t think there’s a city in America that has blossomed as much over the last couple of decades than Chicago, and a lot of that has to do with our mayor,” Obama said, supporting Daley ahead of Tuesday’s city election.

Fox’s subtle commentary on Obama’s middle name and assorted other vital points:


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