ObamaNews: Playing Up His Anti-War Credentials

From Monday’s New York Times:

Mr. Obama was not always so critical of the Congressional vote, taken on Oct. 11, 2002. In several interviews before the Democratic National Convention in 2004, where his national political ascent began, he said he did not place blame on Democrats who had voted to authorize the war, conceding he had not been privy to the same intelligence information.

Now, he appears intent on drawing the contrast between his early opposition to the war and the Senate votes to authorize it by Mr. Edwards, who has since repudiated his vote and apologized for it, and Mrs. Clinton, who has not apologized but has said she would not have supported the resolution had she known then what she knows now…

Still, his proposals for Iraq do not go as far as those of others in the Democratic field, particularly that of Representative Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio, who voted against the Iraq authorization and has recommended cutting military spending to end the war. Mr. Edwards, too, has called on Congress to pass substantive legislation that would, among other measures, block financing for a buildup of troops. Mr. Obama has proposed placing a cap on the number of U.S. troops in Iraq.


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