ObamaMedia for 3/1

Obama’s Facebook Outrage: No New Friends!

Obama hasn’t approved any friend requests, or “support this candidate” requests, for almost a month. I’ve been waiting patiently, since you can’t give gifts to people who aren’t your friends

Handicapping Obama’s Oppo Team – Newsweek Politics – MSNBC.com

Does Obama’s team have the dirt-diggers, the counterpunchers, and the wise guys he’ll need ?

Lynn Sweet: Sweet blog special: Obama woos House members this morning.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, expected to come up from under the table and one day officially state he is for Clinton

Blacks Shift To Obama, Poll Finds – washingtonpost.com

[Clinton’s] once-sizable margin over the freshman senator from Illinois was sliced in half during the past month largely because of Obama’s growing support among black voters.

Poll: Age Important to Voters – washingtonpost.com

being over the age of 72, a Mormon, twice divorced or a smoker [!!} all are bigger drags on a candidate’s support than is gender or race

Obama on Iraq c. 2002 (with Laura Washington):


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