Geeking Out with the Battlestar Galactica Podcast

At a Southern California desert wedding this weekend I hung out with Pat and Chris, two visitors from Olympia who made a point to stop in Vasquez Rocks on their drive south. The visit was a pilgrimage of sorts to the location where, as I’m sure you know, the Star Trek (TOS) episode Arena (you know, the one with the Gorn) was filmed in 1966 (stardate 3045.6, ahem). In the course of trying not to be out-geeked by them, I brought up the fact that I enjoy the Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ron Moore’s podcasts. Pat and Chris gave me a look like I was a freak and politely changed the subject.

I would have left it there, but today I listened to Moore’s podcast of Sunday’s series-turning Maelstrom episode. (A Ning BSG group discusses the episode, spoiler alert; Mr. Guilt talks the fact that the creators, or at least their spouses, follow, and respond to fan conversations. ) All geekiness aside, the podcasts are a fascinating window onto the crafting of the show. Moore seems disarmingly honest in discussing his original intentions for each episode and how reality in the form of Universal, the SciFi Channel, and the give-and-take of creative collaboration intervenes to shape the final (Peabody-award winning) product.

Those of us nervous about the show’s future were reassured by last month’s news that it will return for a fourth season. Despite its high costs and relatively low ratings it apparently reaches an in-demand demo:

” ‘Battlestar’ is a cachet show. It gives us a lot of credibility with the creative community,” said Mark Stern, head of programming for the cable network. “It’s the kind of series we want to continue producing in the future.”

There is, of course, an embarrassment of BSG YouTube riches, I’ve settled on this bit of machima:

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