OpenSource on Iraq War Vets

Radio Open Source has an essential show that goes beyond the Walter Reed scandal to examine the experiences of Iraq War veterans– and the residual effects felt on Vietnam and WWII vets, too.  Among the guests is Paul Rieckhoff, the author and founder or Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Two selections from the post-show comments.


 TIm McLaughlin’s comments about how civilians can never understand combat broke my heart in that although I can’t imagine what he has seen and done, I can be outraged that we as a society, take the act of going to war relatively lightly with respect to its effect on all those in theatre….

And rahbuhbuh :

my definition of “veteran” has changed in the last year. Prior, vets were old men whom speak frankly, smell weird, but have really good stories. uncles, dads, more colorful or damaged men from vietnam. film reels of protests which happened before i was born. there didn’t seem to be soldiers when i grew up during the limping end of a cold war. spies and white collar fronts to a combatless fight. the Gulf War wasn’t bloody, the vets blended in. Now, vets are people my age and younger. this is new.


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