The Rest of the World’s March Madness: The Cricket World Cup

My local public radio station, WBEZ, reminded me of the Cricket World Cup last night. Jerome McDonnell’s World View program (the show that covered local angels on THE World Cup last year) relied upon its cricket correspondent Jawad Khan to fill us in on Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day upset of Pakistan, the death of the Pakistan coach and cricket legend Bob Woolmer, and the political row all this has caused in Karachi. Global Voices, of course, has extensive coverage of the World Cup; including Rezwan‘s excellent pre-tourney summary of the cricket blogosphere. Rezwan includes links to Google’s World Cup blog, maintained by Krish Srikkanth. Georgia Popplewell gets into the cricket spirit by pointing to her 2003 profile of cricketer Tony Cozier; sounds as though there is more to come from Georgia’s cricket archives.

The hope here is that Scotland can pull off an upset against South Africa today, though even such an outcome is unlikely to take them into the round of eight. (And yes, my flirtation with cricket may have something to do with the fact that both Duke and the Wisconsin Badgers were eliminated from the NCAA men’s basketball tournament over the weekend.) The time may have come for me to pick up that copy of CLR James‘ Beyond Boundary that Kim gave me last year.


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