Another Chicago Election Day: I’d Rather be Voting in Trinidad

My neighbors across the street are able to select their alderman in a run-off election. (I don’t have to worry about choosing, thanks to the diligence of my alderman who knocked all her opponents off of the ballot.) My friend E., who lives in the 49th ward, said her final decision was influenced by this Google video of last week’s debate between incumbent Joe Moore and Don Gordon. (Alas, it’s not citizens journalism, but perhaps Jarvis will be happy anyway.) Meanwhile, a couple of friends have been supporting Naisy Dolar‘s  attempt to unseat Bernie Stone, who has represented the 50th ward since 1973.

Georgia Popplewell reports that it’s election season in Trinidad. She wonders:

whether it might not be a good — or at least amusing — idea to set up a parallel music truck/sound system to rove the country during the campaign season, pumping out tunes which would counteract the effects of rum and roti and free t-shirts and over-exposure to re-jigged Iwer songs.

Sounds good to me. My friend Mark’s scholarship reminds me that back in the day, that’s the way we campaigned, too– albeit with beer and corned beef. In any case, I’d take rum and roti over attack ads anyday.

One rather obvious candidate for such a playlist would be Stevie Wonder’s “You Haven’t Done Nothin’“, from 1974’s Fulfillingness’ First Finale, (arguably) Stevie’s greatest album.

(I do argue–I go with Songs in the Key of Life.)


One thought on “Another Chicago Election Day: I’d Rather be Voting in Trinidad

  1. Ha! I’ve been waiting to see who’d be the first to argue with me about “Fulfillingness”. Not that I even believe such things are worth arguing about. Great music is great music, and “Songs in the Key” is very often at the top of my Stevie list, depending on the day.

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