Xeni Jardin on the VT Beat

Boing boing’s and NPR’s Xeni Jardin has been a go-to source for Virginia Tech coverage and coverage about the coverage. Her Wed. and Thurs. posts have been deep, varied, and sensitive. She talks about her own entities’ decisions on how to handle the story and the stories about the story:

  • I’m not arguing it’s a bad thing to make that available in whole or in part for public review, in this or other cases involving similarly sensitive material. But it’s getting an awful lot of distribution in a lot of other places right now, and much of that seems exploitative. It didn’t seem necessary or responsible to replay the material, yet again, for the purpose of telling the NPR story or blogging about online reactions.
  • A related media footnote: to the credit of the program’s editorial team, IMO, the hysteria-resistant “Day to Day” began today’s show with the following lead stories, in this order: Gonzales hearings, Sudan airstrikes, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq.
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