Blogging the Draft

This morning I had my annual struggle to avoid parking myself on the couch all day for the NFL draft. Today I was able to tear myself away after 90 minutes in order to see the sun for the first time in a week. Luckily, Real Football 365’s Tom Sorrell blogged the first round. MST3K style, his coverage of Brady Quinn’s travails, an Anthony Michael Hall reference and the unexplained popularity of the White Sox caps (“What is this, 1995?”) topped Kiper, Berman and the rest of the crew at ESPN. Among Sorrell’s highlights:


Mel Kiper just about had a heart attack that Brady Quinn is still on the board. Brady, on the other hand, just looks to be happy to have a blond girl who looks like a 17-year-old Christina Aguilera on his lap.


Green Bay selects Justin Harrell, the defensive tackle from Tennessee, who is actually being booed by a bunch of little kids in Green Bay, one of whom seemed to be holding a can of beer. Welcome to Milwaukee, Justin.


The Jags take Reggie Nelson from Florida, who is a fantastic player. I really like this kid.

In other news, Troy Smith just dove behind his couch.
More seriously, I wasn’t too excited by the Bears’ selection of a TE with their first pick, but I applaud the trade with San Diego that garnered several more picks. Still, I’ll miss Thomas Jones.


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