Nutter Rides to City Hall on the Shoulders of a 12 year-old

Michael Nutter, a former City Councilman and a stand-up guy, won Philadelphia’s Democratic mayoral primary has a chance to be a very good mayor. He benefits from having been tested in a contested issues-focussed election that included two congressmen and three other serious contenders. (Earlier this year, I pined for such an election in Chicago, where we haven’t had a seriously contested mayor’s race in a long time.) I have not seen the exit polls, but suspect that Nutter, who is African-American, will prove to have drawn a significant number of white votes, while runner-up Tom Knox, who is white, received lots of Black support.

Nutter surged in the polls after airing this commercial starring his 12 year-old daughter Olivia. It’s a nice, and apparently effective ad, and Olivia is great in it– but I wonder about the ethics of relying on a pre-teen, and her identify as a public school student. Since this worked, though, maybe we’ll be seeing more candidate’s children. Andrew Giuliani is unlikely, but maybe Melia and Sasha Obama, or Bridget McCain?

Skepticalbrotha has a more, well, skeptical take on the race:

Rarely are politicians of this caliber in the running for anything and rarely are they all black men….my least favorite candidate-the “brotha” who is in favor of racial profiling and “stop and frisk” police tactics, will become the new mayor.


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