Sen. Shelby on Immigrants: “Round ’em Up”

I am not shocked by anti-immigrant hysteria, even from U.S. Senators, but I admit a double-take at Sen. Shelby’s call to “round up” illegal immigrants Tuesday on NPR’s Morning Edition yesterday. Erica summarizes what we heard:

Senator Shelby states that he first would secure all boarders – well. Then he would put laws in place that would make sure employers are not hiring illegal immigrents. He states that if no one gives the “illegal aliens” jobs then they will leave. He continues by saying that all the rest that don’t leave we can somehow “round them up”… 

NPR interviewer Steve Inskeep might have followed with questions about how such a round-up of 12 million of our neighbors would work (“Cattle-cars or semi-trailers, Senator? Police, National Guard, or Marines, sir? Dump them at the border, or shall we tug them out to sea in a barge? Would you often bounties?”) but he didn’t. In fact, Inskeep didn’t bat an audible eye.


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