The Case of the Invisible AP Cuba Blog

Last week Anita Snow, the AP’s Havana correspondent, announced a plan to spend a month eating only off the Cuban libreta, or ration book. (The project is no doubt inspired by the efforts of officials like Jim McGovern and my old Councilman Eric Gioia to live a week on food stamps.)

To make sure I consume the same products Cubans get as rations, a friend gave me part of his monthly allotment _ coffee (4 ounces), vegetable oil (2 cups), rice (6 pounds) and dried legumes (10 ounces), including the black beans Cubans love and the split peas they hate.

Snow promises to “track my spending and post the results in an AP blog”– but that’s the rub: where’s the blog? There are no links in the New York Times or other news sites that reference the supposed blog, blog searches don’t help, and the AP website doesn’t have any clues. Google does point us to a follow-up report from Snow.

(I’m jealous of Anita in at least one respect: she’ll be eating boniato, Cuban sweet potatoes., in place of potatoes.)


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