Despite blogs, three-fifths of Americans favor “amnesty”

A new LA Times/Bloomberg survey highlights what we thought: the blogosphere‘s “grassroots revolt” and  netsroots darlings like freshmen Dem Senators Webb and Tester and Rep. Boyda) were not representative of the population as a whole in their opposition of  the Immigration Reform Act. The Times survey:

like previous surveys done by the Times Poll and other organizations, found the public in a much  more forgiving mood toward illegal immigrants than are some Congressional leaders… The poll…. found bipartisan support for an approach to illegal immigration that includes a path to citizenship for certain  illegal residents. By 63% to 23% the public supports allowing undocumented immigrants without a criminal  record who have been living in the U.S. for years to start on a path to citizenship, after registering, paying a  fine, getting fingerprinted, and learning English, among other requirements.   Majorities of Democrats (66%),  independents (66%) and Republicans (65%) agree.

Alas, pro-“amnesty” bloggers were much quieter, or at least (apparently) less effective. Kevin Johnson and the ImmigrationProf Blog, which I learned about thanks to Radio Open Source’s show on the bill’s defeat, seems to be an exception. Marc Cooper, of course, has also been writing about immigration for, well, decades. How much difference the blog power differential really made, who knows?


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