More Woman in Charge Errors

I finished Bernstein’s Woman in Charge on the train tonight. Alas, I uncovered more mistakes and odd statements to add to the list I put together last week.

  • A footnote on page 382 says that HRC “would use [the phrase ‘the politics of personal destruction’] effectively, too, in her presidential campaign.” The book hit stores within the last month– how much of her campaign could he have witnessed before putting the book to bed?
  • On pages 469- 470, Bernstein refers to old Clinton family friend James Riady and his “objectives,” which included “recognition of North Vietnam.”
  • On page 530, Bernstein writes that the Democrats picked up five seats in the 1998 elections, “shrinking the Republican majority from 223 to 211.”  A  loss of five seats from the  105th Congress left the GOP with 218, not 211, seats.

Alicia Shepard takes a look at the Woodstein legacy on its 35th anniversary: “The drama that concluded with the early departure of the nation’s 37th president included a few other key characters as well.”


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