Hmmm, what’s missing?

Via Buzzmachine, we find the Magdid Media Future study of online video use. Details about the study are limited, but:

SOME 80% OF 18- TO-24-YEAR-OLD male Internet users in the U.S. watch online videos at least once a week, and 35% on a daily basis…This year, 14% [overall] reported using online video every day–up from 9% in 2006. Weekly usage also rose 18% over last year, with 52% of the Internet users viewing online video once a week or more, compared with 44% in 2006.

News stories were the most frequently viewed online video category, according to the survey, with over one-third of online Americans watching them regularly. Video content described as jokes/bloopers, weather, and movie previews were tied for second, followed closely by music videos and user-generated content.

Might there be a video genre, one perhaps particularly appealing to 18 to 24 year olds, that’s missing from this list?


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