My Two Favorite Angelena Bloggers

There aren’t many blogs that bring tears to my wife’s eyes (this one certainly doesn’t), but Lex in LA did so today.  “A blog of my reflections on Los Angeles–past and present–from the point of view of a third generation LA native, Chicana, Urban Planner, Community organizer, Northeast LA resident.” (She’s also mother to a beautiful 9 month old and wife to an almost as beautiful champion softball pitcher.) Her Father’s Day post is the one that tore up the Mrs.:

As my husband and I prepare to celebrate our first Father’s Day with our 9 month old son Elias, I struggle to figure out how to best deal with the heavy sense of loss that deposits a knot in the pit of my stomach whenever a holiday or birthday without my Dad looms on the calendar. I am angry that my Dad is not here to tell my son all about LA, and that my son will never hear the joy in my Dad’s voice as he narrates his knowledge of our hometown. And, on nights when I’m kept awake by these emotions churning in my brain, I toss and turn as I think about how the untreated high blood pressure that contributed to my Dad’s death was likely aggravated by the stress he dealt with, growing up poor and Chicano in the 50’s and 60’s and later as a single father with a high school education trying to earn a living and raise a family in this city…I know that one of the most important ways to connect my father and son is by making sure my son knows and experiences the natural environment, landmarks, culture, festivals, food and people that represent the richness and promise that LA can offer.

My friend Wendy has picked up blogging again at Earthly Pleasures after a break for work, school and getting married. Wendy’s off on a residency, here’s a post from last month:

he Sunday night-your-birthday-is-long-over-now/hangover meal, grilled in the backyard by boys who didn’t have quite the hangover I had. Something about chewing all that fine meat, biting into crispy corn, crunching whole baby onions and sucking down seedless watermelon was wholly satisfying and also exhausting. More grilling to come, as summertime wafts in…

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