The BBC’s Ben on the Bye-Bye Blair Beat

In case you haven’t heard, after 10 years and 6 weeks at Number 10 Tony Blair is readying for the movers. The BBC, of course, is going full guns, including a review Blair’s career, thoughts about how Gordo might lighten up, and an analysis of what a Brown foreign policy might look like. The highlight, however, has been the audio reports from 10 year-old “trainee reporter” Ben.

Ben was born the same time Blair became Prime Minister and he’ll be bringing his ten years of experience to help make sense of Mr Blair’s premiership. We sent him to find out what a decade of life under Tony Blair has meant for people.

I’m not always a fan of children reporters, but Ben has asked good and sensitive questions of his head teacher and of a doctor at the hospital where he was born. (He also reminds me of that frequent Johnny Depp co-star, Freddie Highmore.)

Coincidence or not, this film’s debut coincided with Blair’s election in May 1997:


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