Bulls Add Noah, and Curry (Thanks, Isiah!)

Fifteen months ago, I hoped that my Chicago Bulls might acquire one of the exciting young stand-outs of the 2006 NCAA tournament:

I will be happy to accept either Joakim Noah or Tyrus Thomas– two big men who play with joy and energy and are fun to watch…

Happily, after acquiring Thomas last year, the 2007-08 Bulls will have both of the exciting young players. (Joakim Noah has more than 2400 Facebook friends, by the way.) They also drafted sharpshooter JamesOn Curry, whose rebound from a marijuana dealing arrest in high school was the subject of a Washington Post article two years ago.

Oklahoma State Coach Eddie Sutton would much rather talk about Curry’s off-the-court accomplishments. When asked about Curry, the 47-year coaching veteran quickly mentioned that he earned all B’s on his first semester report card.

“I’m a big believer in second chances,” Sutton said. “A few haven’t worked out, but JamesOn has. He’s been great. Everyone likes him. He hasn’t had any problems here at all.”


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