Cory Booker Learns that Text Messaging Does Not Always Cut It

The sixth part of Andrew Jacobs’ impressive New York Times “series chronicling Mayor Cory A. Booker’s first year in Newark’s City Hall” is up this morning. (Booker’s firs, unsuccessful run for mayor was the subject of Marshall Curry’s Oscar-nominated documentary Street Fight.) Today’s article highlights the obstacles Booker is facing locally. Much of the opposition comes from instransigent supporters of former mayor Sharpe James, but Booker displays a tin ear on occasion. Booker’s reliance on text messaging seems overkill even for a twitterer such as myself:

Sitting in his office surrounded by portraits of civil rights leaders, the Rev. Dr. Jethro C. James, pastor of Paradise Baptist Church, said … he used to reach the former mayor with one phone call, and was offended when Mr. Booker suggested that the best way to communicate with him was text messaging…. Mr. Booker said that text messaging is how even his closest friends get in touch.


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