88Nine, Making Milwaukee Famous

Jake Shapiro first mentioned Milwaukee’s re-designed public radio station 88Nine in March, but I needed a visit to Brew City last week to fully believe. Is this really public radio? Glancing at their current playlist, the station has spun Isaac Hayes, The Cure, The Allman Brothers, Eddie Kendircks and The Shins. (It’s Saturday midday, so naturally I’m listening to Public Radio Talent Quest Final Seven challenger Chuck Mertz at This is Hell.) I can’t find the playlists I enjoyed earlier this week– lots of tasty new rap, including Santogold. The Rhythm Lab and the Diggin’ Online blog are also fun, even if the latter has no RSS feed (?). For the first time in the iPod era, I’m look forward to listening to a (public!!) radio station for music.

88Nine was a big reason I fell in love with the Cream City last weekend. (Others included the availability of Spotted Cow on tap, the absence of bossy teen lifeguards at Bradford Beach and the Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum That, and the fact that everyone was so nice.)

Laverne and Shirley may no longer be the face of Milwaukee:


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