Verdict on CNN-YouTube Debate After First 20 Minutes: Better than the Pros

I only watch CNN when in hotel rooms, so I don’t know Anderson Cooper’s normal mien– but he sure looked uncomfortable in his introduction. Note his reference to the 3000 YouTube “viewers” who submtited questions– isn’t the point that they are asking, not viewing, the questions? (Obama  spurned Cooper’s question about his experience to address the person he referred to as the “questioner.”) Then, there was Cooper’s lack of clarity about whether the debate is sponsored or sanctioned by the DNC.

After Cooper’s introduction, CNN realized Jeff Jarvis’ fears by going straight to a blooper reel, showing YouTube at its costumed goofiest, with a dig at the Biden campaign’s attempts to stuff the YouTube ballot initiative.

Twenty minutes in, not one of the questioners has been far outside of the 24-34 demo– and the questions seem much more thoughtful and relevant than those that I’ve heard at the earlier, reporter-driven debates.


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