The Jet Set Mom Blogs

My trusty correspondents at last month’s BlogHer conference reported that the State of the Momosphere was among its most popular sessions. I know several passionate mommy blog fans, but I’ve never counted myself among them. (Perhaps it’s because I don’t know any personally. Mommy bloggers, that is– I know plenty of moms.) So, I was pretty happy last week to learn about my friend Deanna’s blog. (I always enjoy discovering that a real world friend is blogging.) Jet Set Mom is about the travel experiences of a woman with an 18-month old baby named Alex. Last month, Alex hopped into the fountain at the Getty Museum, prompting Deanna to reflect:

At just 18-months, I can see my son is just like me. He wants to do everything and he can do it all by himself. For me, traveling everywhere with Alex means often having to do things his way. He will push his stroller when he wants to, he will choose when to sit in a high chair in a restaurant, and he will jump into fountains now and then. My mother will say, I need to start enforcing some rules. But, I like that Alex has brought out my own inner child that’s been secretly buried since sometime in college. (What would have happened if I had jumped in the fountain then?) As a mom on the road with baby along for the ride, Alex gets strapped down in car seats for extended road trips and dragged through airports. He is forced to tolerate temperatures from 100 degrees to minus 30, and adjust to time zones stretching the globe. So, every now and then….you just gotta jump in, splash around and blow kisses to the crowd.


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