Countdown’s Podcast Can’t Get Past Five

I recently began listening to the podcast of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown. The podcast’s promo claims “Olbermann delivers news every night that is designed for the modern viewer. “Countdown” assumes the viewer is intelligent, informed and impatient about getting their news! With that in mind, Olbermann takes a fast paced look at the top five news stories of the day….” The show’s modernity only extends so far– only one Countdown story is actually podcast. I’m not sure what the strategy is. While I’m enjoying the bits I do hear, I certainly am not compelled to go out of my way to actually watch the show.


One thought on “Countdown’s Podcast Can’t Get Past Five

  1. I like Keith’s show – some of it is worth watching and you are getting the best bits… I usually watch 5,4 & 3 and then switch off when he starts getting very silly

    If you are interested in HIS opinion check out his special comment bits on the Countdown.msnbc website

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