China, Want to Invest in Chicago?

When I heard the news today that an 11% sales tax could be around the corner in Chicago, I thought of an earlier report that China will be “loaning” $5 billion to the Congo to “be spent on building roads, hospitals, health centres, housing and universities.” We don’t have much in the form of precious metals in the city, but perhaps there’s something we could drum up something in exchange for a similar investment in our decrepit public transit system, failing public school system and unsafe streets [Update, and a collapsing “health care safety net”]?

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger was surprisingly candid in explaing the need for that tax increase: “We need to make sure we keep the system going.” Indeed.


One thought on “China, Want to Invest in Chicago?

  1. Hey, John.. consider this just a friendly invitation (or a big shameless plug) to you and any other bloggers with a big interest in politics.
    My name is Andy Roesgen, a reporter with Fox News Chicago. Obviously, we’ll be covering all the races on Super Tuesday, but we’d also like to get anyone’s thoughts on the primary outcomes and our coverage of it all.
    I realize there are plenty of bloggers who don’t want anything to do with corporate media, and/or the biases they may feel we have. But we’d love to hear anybody’s opinion, warts and all. We’ve got special election coverage geared just for the web and the blogs, stuff we’ll unveil that night on our air and Thanks.. Andy

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