Berkman TV: It Sure Beats Cavemen

The fall TV season is under way, and from John Palfrey comes news of Berkman TV. The first epi stars Wendy Seltzer in an exploration of the legal issues surrounding the Harvard Coop copyright debate. What’s next for Berkman Media, flickr?

Elsewhere at Harvard, David Weinberger reports that “the Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences’ governing body has proposed an open access policy according to which faculty members would make their research available for free either on a university site or on their own site. This would be in addition to publishing in academic journals, some of which charge $20,000 a year for a subscription. It’d be an opt-out program.” Lots of questions would follow from such a decision, not least, what would be the implications for non-elite institutions and scholars– not to mention for traditional academic journals, some of which exist to earn income for scholarly societies and research groups.


One thought on “Berkman TV: It Sure Beats Cavemen

  1. Awesome – thanks for posting about I think the episode is going to have Jake Shapiro on public radio (…being interviewed by none other than Colin!). Should be a treat.

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