Are Facebook Employees Creepy Voyeurs?

One way that Facebook can kill the golden goose is to mess up the privacy issue. This report from Valleywag suggests that they are doing just that.

Facebook employees can (and do) check out anyone’s profile. Not only that, but they also see which profiles a user has viewed — a major privacy violation…Within the company, it’s considered a job perk, and employees check this data for fun.


One thought on “Are Facebook Employees Creepy Voyeurs?

  1. reminds me of the civil servants in ireland who were looking up private information held by the government.

    they said “it was ‘common practice’ among department employees to be ‘checking people casually'” and they “looked up classified information out of ‘nosiness’ and ‘curiosity’.”

    and then a bunch of private information was leaked by various civil servants in different departments and blackmail, identity theft, and various other crimes ensued.

    and did i tell you about how tons of DNA information was leaked from NatGeo’s Genographic Project and FamilyTreeDNA and posted on the internet by a “white nationalist” who is looking for a solid genetic marker for the “white race”. i’m talking DNA information + individual’s names.

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