Blogging the GOP YouTube debate

The opening of the GOP YouTube debate is as inane as the Democratic one, so at least Anderson and CNN are consistent. (My thoughts on the Democratic debate.)

OK, I take that back– the opening song was worse that the one at the Dems debate. The first question doesn’t come until 10 minutes into the show. Romney and Giuliani are dueling immigrant bashing– reminds me of the Feinstein-(Michael) Huffington Senate debates in California c. 1994.

Like Rick Hertzberg, I find Mike Huckabee refreshing.

McCain is answering the immigration issue thoughtfully; for a contrast now here come Tancredo and Hunter responding to the question about guest workers from the Maryland business owner and his employees.

(Josh Levy is live blogging the debate for techPresident, as is Jonathan Martin at Politico. Elsewhere on the internets, Giuliani is getting attention, from Politico for his apparent use of city funds to pay for trips to the Hamptons to visit his then-girlfriend, and from the Empire State Pride Agenda, which is reviewing his “back-pedaling” on gay rights.)

I ran out of blogging gas around the time Grover Norquist stepped up, but even given the silly beginning and conclusion tonight’s questions were the best of any so far in the GOP debate season, and perhaps the best overall.


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