ObamaMedia Posts of the Day

The day’s top campaign-, and Obama-, related media, in rough order.

Fareed Zakaria’s The Power of Personality in Newsweek:

I never thought I’d agree with Obama…. I’ve never thought of my identity as any kind of qualification. I’ve never written an article that contains the phrase “As an Indian-American …” or “As a person of color …”

But when I think about what is truly distinctive about the way I look at the world, about the advantage that I may have over others in understanding foreign affairs, it is that I know what it means not to be an American. I know intimately the attraction, the repulsion, the hopes, the disappointments that the other 95 percent of humanity feels when thinking about this country. I know it because for a good part of my life, I wasn’t an American. I was the outsider, growing up 8,000 miles away from the centers of power, being shaped by forces over which my country had no control…We’re moving into a very new world, one in which countries from Brazil to South Africa to India and China are getting richer, stronger and prouder. For America to thrive, we will have to develop a much deeper, richer, more intuitive understanding of them and their peoples. There are many ways to attain this, but certainly being able to feel it in your bones is one powerful way.

On a similar theme, David Brooks in the NYT:

If Clinton were running against Obama for Senate, it would be easy to choose between them.

But they are running for president, and the presidency requires a different set of qualities. Presidents are buffeted by sycophancy, criticism and betrayal. They must improvise amid a thousand fluid crises. They’re isolated and also exposed, puffed up on the outside and hollowed out within. With the presidency, character and self-knowledge matter more than even experience. There are reasons to think that, among Democrats, Obama is better prepared for this madness.

 Marc Cooper on Bill Clinton’s craps metaphor:

[A]ny 50-50 bet, like craps, is a great bet. And Bill Clinton’s use of this particular metaphor ought to allow us to compare the risk of rolling the dice to that of electing Hillary. Is she really better than a 50-50 chance not to embroil us in another war? Not to fail again on health care? Not to succumb to the power of special interest lobbies? Are you convinced enough to put some money down?

I’ll let you decide which level of risk you’re more comfortable with.

I, for one, would rather roll the dice.

There are more here.

The Iowa piece I encountered today was David Greene’s story on Morning Edition. Greene spoke to Iowans representative of the 90% of the Hawkeyes who will not be voting.

Lastly, here’s the video of the day:


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