“I Want Some Obama Republicans:” ObamaMedia Posts for 12/21

Via Steve Cleamons, the (London) Times unveils Obama’s lack of experience in Europe and Latin America:

Fresh doubts over Barack Obama’s foreign policy credentials were expressed on both sides of the Atlantic last night, after it emerged that he had made only one brief official visit to London – and none elsewhere in Western Europe or Latin America….A lot of people are concerned that international policy is not his strongest suit, just as it was not with George Bush in 2000.”

(At least he’s aware that immigration is the cause for England’s culinary emergence.)

Obama in Washington, Iowa

I reach out to Republicans and independents.  If we use some different words, we can win those people.  Just like Ronald Reagan was able to get some Reagan Democrats, I want some Obama Republicans.”

And Rep. Loebsack on Obama:

“He cut his teeth in Chicago politics without becoming a Chicago politician.”

Mark Schmitt’s The “Theory of Change” Primary:

If we understand Obama’s approach as a means, and not the limit of what he understands about American politics, it has great promise as a theory of change, probably greater promise than either “work for it” or “demand it,” although we’ll need a large dose of hard work and an engaged social movement as well.

Zogby: Obama is only Dem leading all 5 Republicans

Obama led:

• Rudy Giuliani, 48%-39%.
• Mike Huckabee, 47%-42%.
• Sen. John McCain, 47%-43%.
• Mitt Romney, 53%-35%.
• Fred Thompson, 52%-36%.

(Margin of error is 3.2%)

Obama runs tight campaign ship:

His campaign is unique among the major political organizations this cycle, and unusual in presidential politics, for its apparent unity, and for the fact that virtually none of its internal campaign arguments have spilled over into the press. That cohesion is a mark of Obama’s personal style — “he told us he wanted a drama-free campaign,” one staffer recalled — which focuses more on collegiality than on the dynamism of competing views that can drive, or divide, political campaigns.

[How would this style be applied in governing?]

Obama – The Soul of Black Folk – Incarnated. (from Oct.)

Barack Obama is the incarnation of the hope of DuBois…DuBois wrote the African-American “ever feels his two-ness – an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings.”

Obama’s record in Springfield.

Does Air America Support Hillary Clinton?

Clinton Launches Obama Attack Web Sites


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