The McCain Effect and other ObamaMedia for 12/23

In recent days, Obama has turned his attention from Hillary Clinton to John Edwards. In New Hampshire, he’s also competing with the officially surging John McCain.

“The American people want some independence, they want somebody they believe will stand up for what they believe in and isn’t bound by the special interests,” McCain said. “I can see why Senator Obama’s candidacy would be attractive to some in that respect.”….It is not clear whether McCain could steal votes from Obama as he did from Bradley in 2000.

David Broder:

Barack Obama has become a one-trick pony. But what a trick it is!

The stump speech he has developed in the closing stages of the pre-Christmas campaign is a thing of beauty, a 40-minute oration delivered without notes that is powering his gains in the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 and the first primary here in New Hampshire five days later.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to match it. John Edwards has periodic bursts of eloquence. But Obama has reached the point of being able to deliver the speech on demand, and to reach audiences with assured effect. It has become his security blanket.

Obama: “You know, we might just win this thing.”


Obama added to his stump speech lines intended to address concerns about his candidacy. He repeatedly emphasized that voters should not consider his race a barrier to his being elected, an issue that he has begun discussing publicly in the past week…. [T]here appears to be little independent expenditure activity in Iowa from groups backing Obama.

Racial Undercurrent Is Seen in Clinton Campaign


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