ObamaMedia: Child Eater, and Views from Abroad

Barack Obama will Eat Your Children, from Mark Warner is God:

Barack Obama is slightly less progressive on one or two issues than other Democrats. He wants to bring people together, which is in itself inherently evil. It makes me so angry when he says he wants to bring people together. I cannot stand the idea of Americans uniting. He cannot accomplish this, because no politician in the history of the United States has ever brought the American people together. It has never been done. We have always had a red-blue divide, as far back as I can remember, to 1998 or so. That’s the beginning of history. It is impossible to unite people. If he tries, he will fail, and then he will eat our children.

Our best chance to win in 2008 and accomplish our progressive policy goals is to be nasty and to smite the Republicans at every turn and to nominate unpopular politicians.

Barack Obama is evil and a hypocrite because he did this one thing one time and then said another thing another time. No one has ever done that, ever. Ever. He is a demon.

Barack Obama will eat your children.

Shmuel Rosner in Haaretz:

At present, “experience” is taking a back seat to “fresh ideas” in the primaries. There are two lessons here. The first is how fed up Americans are with the current administration. The second is how little is left of the agitation caused by the September 11 attacks and the two wars that followed in their wake. To judge by its candidates, the U.S. is no longer in the grip of war fever – at least not until January 5. America differs from Israel in believing that its margin of security, which is derived from its strength and size, give even candidates from nowhere a chance.

Bruce Wolpe, from the Sydney Morning Herald blog:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are engaged in the most dramatic and exciting race for the Democratic presidential nomination since 1968


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