ObamaMedia Links for Iowa Caucus Eve: Hype or “Tectonic Shift?”

In Philly, Skeptical Brotha wonders if this could be for real:

Y’all feel it? There is something in the air. I feel a tectonic shift getting ready to happen…. If Obama wins Iowa, Hillary’s black support will collapse nationally, she’ll immediately lose at least 10-15% in the nationwide polls, and the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party will be joined…..I never believed this would happen. He has been competitive financially and now he has the Queen’s back against the wall. Bubba ain’t happy and several high profile endorsements have come in for Obama that nobody expected. The strength of this campaign has been impressive thus far, especially in my South Carolina backyard. Folks are paying attention and being converted and impressed.

The AP’s Mike Glover has keys to look for tomorrow:

Want an early hint how the Republican caucuses are going? Check Plymouth County Thursday evening in remote northwest Iowa — chilly home of Blue Bunny ice cream and a hotbed of evangelical activists….Democrats also will be looking at Johnson County and Story County, home to the University of Iowa and Iowa State University respectively. Obama has drawn huge crowds in those college towns, but students now are home on their holiday breaks.

Obama spoke with the Voice of America about the crisis in Kenya. Oddly, he makes no reference to his familial ties, and dodges a question from the VOA about his “personal feelings.”

Confident, Cutting Obama Rallies the Youth

A semi-hoarse Barack Obama told a sizeable crowd in this western Iowa town Tuesday night, “Washington is in its last throes, as my cousin Cheney would say.” It was a notably pointed remark from Mr. Obama, who often gets more gently humorous mileage out of his distant shared heritage with the vice-president.


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