Forget New Hampshire– Onto Nevada: Are the Culinary Workers Fired Up?

The New Hampshire primary is next Tuesday, but I’m more intrigued by the Nevada caucus on January 19. Caucuses are more fun, after all, and it’s a beautiful state.

For starters, the viability thresholds are a bit different in the Battle Born state that they are in Iowa. Other issues: will the SEIU and the Culinary Workers endorse? (Anjeanette Damon’s report at Inside Nevada Politics suggests that Obama, as Iowa winner, stands a good chance to receive the latter’s endorsement.) How much will Cory Reid and his Clark County machinr aid Clinton? Clinton was endorsed by El Mundo, the state’s largest Spanish-language paper, and has support from nearby California mayors, Antonio Villarigosa of LA and Gavin Newsome of San Francisco. How important will Nevada’s Latino population be– a question explored by Ina Jaffe on ATC earlier this week?

(OK, a little Granite State thought: Obama v. McCain could be one of the more interesting aspects of the next 5 days.)


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