NH Eve Links: Fact Checking Obama; Immigration and Views from Iran

FactCheck.org, a project of Penn’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, has been reviewing statements from candidates on a nearly daily basis. Their analysis of Saturday’s debate included this on Obama

Obama claimed we are “back where we started two years ago” in Iraq. Actually, all indicators of violence show dramatic improvement compared with two years ago.

And a look at recent Obama health care ads:

Obama’s ad touting his health care plan quotes phrases from newspaper articles and an editorial, but makes them sound more laudatory and authoritative than they actually are.

David Weigel of Reason’s Hit & Run blog heard Hillary try to get to the right (and left?) of Obama on immigration:

She took another chance to nick Obama on a question about illegal immigration. “I don’t support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants,” she said, and referred a little to the infamous Philly debate. “By the way, Senator Obama does support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. He’s on the record supporting them.” Hear that, delicate middle-aged white women in the audience?

That illegal immigration answer was a little nutty, weirder even then an answer on Latin America when she said she could understand why Evo Morales was popular and that we should reach out to Third Worlders who want health care and benefits. On immigration she said she’d thought about the logistics. “Can you imagine here in the Live Free or Die state if people knocked on your door and said, ‘We’re checking to see if there are illegal immigrants here’?” Second later she said she favored asking illegal immigrants to “come out of the shadows” and offer themselves to be deported….

Global Voices’ Hamid Tehrani summarizes Iranian blog reactions to the Obama Iowa victory. GV also points to a post from Nouri, the Moor Next Door on Obama and Aslan:

I wonder how that little boy watching Senator Obama become President Obama would feel knowing that the American President avoided being associated in any way with his father’s religion like a plague, and that leaders in the party of this president treated that same religion as if it were a genetic disease? He would probably turn out even less enthusiastic for American foreign policy, than he would have been otherwise, when he found out that this black president was not making any changes to his nations conduct in his country and region.


One thought on “NH Eve Links: Fact Checking Obama; Immigration and Views from Iran

  1. Undocumented Aliens

    It is the disadvantaged that we are talking about. Let’s kick them when they are down, especially when they don’t have the power to defend themselves. If 12 million undocumented aliens pay $3000 fine that comes to 36 billion dollars, but who cares: Homeland Security does not need 36 billion from terrorist. Undocumented aliens are all terrorists. Let’s spend 10 billion dollars to hire security guards to fish-out undocumented aliens. We have spent 6 trillion dollars and counting on war against terrorists; let’s start a new war so that we can spend some more money. In the last six years we have created millions of new jobs; 99.9 percent of them security guard jobs. We are sorry for job seekers who do not want to be security guards. We must fight terrorists wherever they are and mark my words, all undocumented aliens are terrorists.

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