Bradley Effect in New Hampshire?

The Clinton-Obama race in New Hampshire is still up in the air, but procrastinators are full of theories as to why Hillary has apparently outpaced the final polls. Many theories center on Hillary’s tears on Monday. Dan Kennedy and John Wirzbicki, however, are asking if the discrepancy between the polls and the votes may be attributable to the Bradley Effect. Kennedy:

Obviously you can vote for Hillary Clinton without being a racist. But the results so far certainly don’t jibe with the polls.

Although the Bradley Effect was not seen in Iowa last week, as Jon Ponder says, Wirzbicki notes that the social aspect of a public caucus could mask such racist tendencies.  I’m sure real political scientists will be exploring this tomorrow and into the future.


One thought on “Bradley Effect in New Hampshire?

  1. New Hampshire shows we as a country have not gotten over racism. The Bradley Effect is the ugly truth about this election.

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