Onto Nevada, SEIU for Obama, Culinary Workers Next?

No news from the Culinary Workers endorsement decision until this afternoon, but the Las Vegas Sun reports that Obama won something yesterday: the support of the Nevada chapter of the SEIU. The article reminds us that Edwards retains the support of the 600,000 member-strong California SEIU– I wonder how much of that support will melt away towards Obama, both in California and Nevada. Will Edwards even be standing come the California primary on February 5? Reno Gazette-Journal blogger Anjeanette Damon asks:

with SEIU’s well-documented dysfunction, it’s not exactly clear how much of a turnout boon they will be to Obama

Joe Ralston offers five tips to the candidates, including:

Rule No. 3: There are three different states here.

The most important is called Southern Nevada. That’s where Las Vegas is, and thus where the votes are.

And inside the state of Southern Nevada, there are two very important cities with the same name — Sun City. Why go to them? It’s the Willie Sutton Law of Politics: They are where the votes are.

The second-most important state in Nevada is called Rural Nevada. Hint: Don’t call it the Cow Counties. They don’t like that out there, and they can be ornery.

If you are a Democrat, make a few token visits but don’t spend a lot of time there — most of the
Democrats out there are not exactly Kennedy or Obama or Clinton Democrats. If you are a Republican, spend more time there — they love Republicans. Extra hint: Trash Harry Reid wherever you go — they really aren’t wild about Harry.

The least important state in Nevada is called Reno. It’s the smallest little city in the big world — or something like that. It is also known as Yesterday’s Town. Don’t misunderstand — I love Reno, mostly because you have to fly there to get to cool places such as Lake Tahoe and, four months out of 24, Carson City. But Reno doesn’t have much effect on elections anymore, unlike big-turnout Rural Nevada and big-population Southern Nevada. But if you like to bowl, Godspeed.

Via Marc Ambinder, Ralston also adds, “This could be the best 10 days of covering politics in Nevada history. “


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