Clinton Allies Sue Over Nevada Caucus Rules

Funny, these allies of Hillary Clinton didn’t have a problem with the Nevada caucus rules before the Culinary Workers Union announced their support for Obama. From the Las Vegas Sun:

A lawsuit filed late Friday in federal court seeks to stop the Democratic Party from holding caucus meetings at nine Strip hotels, which would diminish the influence of casino workers and hamper Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign…The lawsuit claims that those voting in at-large precincts being held on the Strip would have too much weight compared with those voting at their polling places, violating the equal protection law of the U.S. Constitution. It also claims the at-large precincts violate state statute in the way they were drawn.


2 thoughts on “Clinton Allies Sue Over Nevada Caucus Rules

  1. This will be the DIRTIEST campaign of our lifetimes.

    Oddly enough, no one seems to care.

    Is this next sentence overly dramatic?

    We’re all going to die.

  2. Is it me….. or does it seem that Hillary is just trying always trying to change the rules when things don’t go her way… cant she play fair?…

    Why would you file a lwasuit that would prevent or severly hamper people from voting?

    Why change the rules?… they have bene in place for a while. She knew the rules before the culinary union endorsed Obama….

    I wonder if she would have filed this lawsuit had the culinary union endorsed someone else?

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