Are S. Carolina Voters Saying “Turn that Obama ad up!”?

Lerone Wilson has been listening to the music in Obama’s TV commercials and  notices something in the South Carolina ads different from those aired in other states.

[T]here exists a very ‘present’ R&B styled riff in the background. The only explanation for this would seemingly be that a meeting was held in which it was asked, “How can we get black people to listen to the ads?” The clear answer was, “black people love anything with a beat… let’s just use one, the same one even, in all of our ads!”

In fact, the mysterious R&B beat plays behind each of the South Carolina ads released so far. In a radio ad entitled “Difference,” the same beat plays behind Obama’s voice as he explains how he was the product of a single parent home, and how too many black men are in prison. Once again the image is that black people driving around town would otherwise ignore the message if not for the blaring beat in the background. Are there really black people out there going “Turn that Obama ad up son, that’s my jam!”?


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