“The Clinton Attacks Obama” Wiki

Via Jack and Jill, Baratunde Thurston has started a wiki to “track Clinton Attacks on Obama.” (Will Clinton try to tie this to the Obama campaign, too?)

Things have just gotten off the hook, especially over at Jack & Jill. It’s hard not to see the Clinton campaign as trying to start some serious racialist ish. I know politics is ugly, but I would hate to see this campaign further rip America apart with an ignorant, inflammatory battle over race.

Among other things, thw wiki template tracks Context, Racialiciousness, and Wackness. Here’s the guide for tracking Racialiciousness:

How racist was the statement and why. Possible levels

  • Low – could be just oversensitive black folks
  • Medium – undeniable racist overtones
  • High – oh, it’s on now.
  • Return to slavery – some ol 1950s type ish

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