A Cuban-American for Obama

At times, the concept of a “Latino voter” is rather goofy, given the diversity of people who fall within the category. Not too many Chicano college kids in San Diego for instance, are pushing for more tax money for TV Marti. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez makes a Cuban-American case for Obama:

Obama is the only candidate in the race, either Democrat or Republican, who has a Cuba policy that makes any sense. He is the only candidate who is not afraid to state the obvious, which is this: The harsh U.S. economic embargo against Cuba, in place since Feb. 7, 1962, has not worked. We need a new path….While Cuban exiles of my father’s generation might have favored the embargo (and you can hear a few of them bitching on this video), those of my generation – the first Cuban exile generation to be born on American soil – do not (you can hear us cheering!). We recognize that the decades-old embargo has done nothing to change Cuba’s government; rather, it has done little but hurt the Cuban people – members of our own families.

The video she refers to:


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