Angry Bubba: Obama=Jesse Jackson

As the South Carolina results became clear Saturday, Bill Clinton raised race apropos of nothing:

Another reporter asked what it said about Obama that it “took two people to beat him.” Clinton again passed. “That’s’ just bait, too. Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice, in ’84 and ’88. And he ran a good campaign. Senator Obama’s run a good campaign here, he’s run a good campaign everywhere.”


10 thoughts on “Angry Bubba: Obama=Jesse Jackson

  1. Obama thinks he is Lincoln, MLK, JFK and Reagan. Now Obama and the race baiters are ashamed of Jesse Jackson. Why. I think the real racist are Obama and his supporters to go looking for racism in every word anybody makes. What about the racist statement Obama made about saying I want to see Clinton dance before he is a brother. Or calling white man Clinton a black president. Now thats racist to. Grow up blacks or you will always be sports players dependent on Affirmative Action. Elections don’t mean nothing/ Lobbyist will always run things. Ask Rezko

  2. For anybody to really thinks the Clintons are racist are truly race baiters. What are you stupid. Clintons are far from racist. Why turn on one the most supportive persons of minorities in the country and label her racist.

    [NOTE: I changed the name of this commenter to reflect the fact that both this comment and one immediately prior both came from the same IP address within 10 minutes.–JB]

  3. Its pure arrogance for Obama to say took two people beat him, as if he already was winning. He didnt win in Nevada.

    The Clintons are most NON-racist white people I have met. Clinton was just saying that just because you won South Carolina, doesnt mean anything. It was Obama that has transformed this to a race thing. If it is not, then why SC blacks are almost 100 percent behind Obama. Im not white and I would never vote for a candidate based on race.

    I do have my experience of racism having worked in an aerospace company where the biggest requirement is to be a US citizen, so most of the workers there are US citizens from inner states who are marginally incompetent and unskilled yet continues to hold the job- you know like “Nuclear Operators” like Homer Simpson. Having said that, I know that not all white people are racist, very few but not all.

    SO to bring race here when Bubba has worked so hard for all races during his presidency then to blame it to Bubba that he was the one who turned this to a racial politics is SOOOO twisted. Do you notice that republicans are saying these days “We want Hillary to win” so the democrats would be tricked into pushing Obama just to spite them? OBAMA is a republican candidate, in my opinion. Hes praising Reagan, hes there the divide the Clintons and the blacks. Black democrats, dont be fooled. The enemy has more money and more media handlers. Did you ever asked yourself where Obama is getting his campaign money. Surely the young generation, his so called followers has no money to donate to him. In your heart, you know that the Republicans would rather fight against OBAMA. Republicans would turn this to a race thing later. I am pretty sure they have a card in their hand, like a scandal or something they can use against Obama later and they dont have one on Hillary.

  4. Its time we take a moment to consider why Barack Obama is a great candidate to forward the cause of greater racial equality:
    While candidates like Jesse Jackson participated in the civil rights movement, and in many ways this is the demographic of black voters that the Clintons appeal to (and, I imagine, in 1992 a much larger portion of the voting block), the battle to end de-facto segregation has been won.
    That isn’t to say that its gone. Instead, segregation remains in more insidious, pathological forms.
    Barack Obama grew up in the age of Housing Projects and Hip-Hop, and the crumbling of the black community. In the 60’s, through the civil rights movement, the black community was an effective community, with nightclubs and neighborhoods and was effectively on the rise. But right when segregation ended, the beginning of stacking up black folk in housing projects began. And the crack epidemic. And the incoming influence of hip-hop (which has had both positive and negative effects on culture).

    In other words, the problems that face black people today are not the problems that they faced when Hillary was still a Republican, they’re far different. Barack Obama is an urban candidate, a candidate who understands cities and understands the problems that have plagued black families for the last forty years. These problems aren’t lynch mobs or the KKK of the Jim Crow years, these problems are far more subtle and complex and harder to face (or even effectively recognize where they come from).

    The point is that these are problems no one has even begun to look at. Obama seems on point with these issues. Certainly the Clintons can help, but it seems like they’re driving a wedge between black voters and the democratic party (but that might not last).

  5. when does “race” become a real issue? Perhaps when an entire Black population of voters in S.C. cast their vote for Obama because he is also Black. Can one believe that 80+% of Afro-Americans went for Obama baised on “issues” other then “race”. I wish it was possible for Clinton to speak her mind and not have the media trying to read between the lines looking for the “race card”. The Clinton’s have a GREAT record on race issues. One would have to be an “IDIOT” to think otherwise. AND CNN,MSNBCand other media journalist helped to twist the truth

  6. Wow let’s be honest for a moment. really you guys are really going to have us believe Bubba didn’t know what he was trying to do. He himself won the State in 92 and plus the question had nothing to with Jesse Jackson. Why couldn’t his own win as an example. He clearly was trying to tell people that this win in SC means nothing because it’s only black people blindly supporting a black candidate (politics of division). S
    Simply put black people are supporting Obama this time around because he is a breath of fresh air so are whites people demonstrated in Iowa and new Hampshire. And why is it we all forget the fact he is not even black his mother was white. We are one race. the human race

  7. It is fair when people say that the clintons’ statements are misconstrued but to suggest that obama is the one saying it is plain stupid. to the fellow who says that black people should grow up, you will discover a brand new, inclusive, and prejudice free America by the time you leave your mama’s trailer.

  8. Now Obama and the race baiters are ashamed of Jesse Jackson. Why.

    No, you are completely missing the point. The reporter asked Clinton what he thought about the fact that it’s two against one, and Clinton replied with something completely irrelevant about Jesse Jackson. Why mention Jesse Jackson? The reporter didn’t ask Clinton ANYTHING about Jesse, so why bring him up and mention that he won S Carolina as well? Oh right, because Jesse Jackson is black and so is Barack. Clinton was basically saying “S.C. didn’t count – Obama only won because he’s black”, which is incredibly offensive and insulting. It’s also completely WRONG: Obama’s appeal was across a huge demographic.

    Its pure arrogance for Obama to say took two people beat him, as if he already was winning. He didnt win in Nevada.

    Pay attention – that was the reporter’s statement, not Barack’s. However, it IS true that it’s taking BOTH the Clinton’s to compete with Obama. Hillary is in a dead heat with him right now, but how close do you think it would be if she didn’t have Bill Clinton fighting her battles for her every day? Again, if you look at the statistics from the SC primary, most of the people who thought Bill Clinton was important to Hillary’s campaign were also the people who were supporting her. Ergo, without Bill, she loses a lot of that support and isn’t even close to Obama in support.

  9. I find it strange that Obama has become the “black candidate” simply because African-American SC voters overwhelmingly voted for him. So what? Does anyone raise flags when white voters vote for white people? Why would white people not support Obama now simply because blacks voted for him? That’s just stupid! I think the real issue is the real Obama supporters –white people–should get over notion of being painted a “N**gg*er Lover.” It’s because of white voters that Obama is experiencing this success. African-Americans have no such power in this country to elevate a black man to such hights. Remember, Obama’s star began to rise when he gave a speech athe Democratic National Convention. His candidacy has been planned for quite some time. I’m sorry to disappoint, Obama is not and cannot be a “black candidate,” in part, because he was created by white people.

  10. Wow. There are some die-hard Clinton supporters posting here. Some angry, bitter, die-hard Clinton supporters.

    Of course, that’s what Clintonism has come to represent for most observers: anger, bitterness, opportunism, and willingness to keep fighting the last war. The Clintons are actualy pumping their supporters up for another round of cultural warfare and legislative impasse.

    Republicans aren’t the enemy. Conservatives aren’t the enemy. Obama has the skills of political persuasion that will actally allow us to get something done for the good of this country.

    I believe that there is an excellent example above of the combative, paranoid, blindly supportive, and slightly deluded logic of Clintonism – it is liv m’s statement:
    **Do you notice that republicans are saying these days “We want Hillary to win” so the democrats would be tricked into pushing Obama just to spite them?**

    This paranoid idea is being floated in the blogosphere. Paranoid because it suggests that scores of independent conservative commetators are all secretly in on a diabolical plan to fool Americans into thinking that Hilary is an easy target when they “really” want to run against Obama. And I just have to say that it’s more than a little pathetic.

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