Obama “can’t replicate organizations in 22 states in 9 days”

Marc Aminder’s dose of reality for Team Obama:

(a). About 20 percent of black voters did choose Hillary Clinton.
(b) In no major state going forward does Barack Obama have the same demographic advantages as he had in South Carolina. (In Georgia, 30% of the population is black; in Alabama, the figure is 25%. In California, which allocates 8 times as many delegates as South Carolina does, is about 7% black. (Arkansas and New York have large black populations, but…)
(c) South Carolina and Iowa were the two retail states where Obama’s campaign worked the hardest and spent the most, and Obama was able to build movements in those states. But it took months. He can’t replicate these organizations in 22 states in 9 days.
(d) Hillary Clinton is running strong in states like Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas — all interior states — and is stronger in the states with the most delegates.
(e) Including Florida and Michigan, more Democrats have voted for HRC than any other candidate by far. [He means WILL have voted by Ginormous Tuesday.]


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