Playing the Cynical Expectations Game

Elections aren’t about votes, but expectations, the cynics say. The Wall Street Journal’s Amy Chozick (ostensibly writing a news story, not an opinion column) apparently is a cynic. Sure, Obama’s been leading the South Carolina polls for a month or so, and that “may seem like good news” for him, but,

[W]ith expectations set so high, political pundits say the Illinois senator faces a dilemma: He will have to win by a double-digit margin in order for voters nationwide to perceive South Carolina as a real victory. This struggle to meet expectations has been heightened by the Clinton campaign.

So, unidentified “pundits” and his main opposition agree that the bar for Obama is an double-digit electoral video.


One thought on “Playing the Cynical Expectations Game

  1. hmmm… one wonders what the cynical pundits will make of obama more than doubling clinton’s vote tally in south carolina.

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