Chinese American Election Views

Jun Wang summarizes online chatter:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have stirred a heated debate, as well as generational warfare, in the Chinese-language blogosphere. First generation Chinese Americans have embraced Clinton in huge numbers for her stances on China and other issues, and many youth are backing Obama. Most of the bloggers’ energy, however, is being expended in vitriolic attacks on the candidates they don’t support …But both Clinton and Obama have problematic positions on China, bloggers say. On, “Googleme,” an Obama supporter, writes, “The Clinton Administration was not friendly to China…Bill Clinton is the only American president in 30 years who allowed top Taiwan governors come to visit the United States. It is an aggressively bold encouragement of Taiwan’s independence from China.” The assumption is that Hillary Clinton would pick up her husband’s China policy.

Other bloggers mock Obama’s “naive inconsistency” – he originally proposed to “stop the import of all toys from China,” which would have been practically impossible. He later called for the United States to ban only toys from China that were made of toxic materials.


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