A Newspaper Endorsement that Matters

In its first presidential endorsement in a California primary, La Opinion, surprisingly and strongly, endorses Obama– and, not so surprisingly, John McCain. (LA Times endorsed Obama, as well; it doesn’t look as though the Daily News, LA’s third major daily, has endorsed anyone.) From La Opinion:

Obama represents fundamental change in a campaign in which “change” has become a central theme. Obama’s approach to immigration and his inspiring vision are what the country need to break through the current feeling of political malaise….[T]his is a historic moment and tremendous skills and experience are not enough to inspire a feeling of renewal in our country after eight long years of George W. Bush.

As well, we were disappointed with [Clinton’s] calculated opposition to driver’s licenses for the undocumented, which contrasts markedly from the forceful argument in support made by Obama. We understand that this is an extremely controversial issue but we believe there is only one right position and it is that of the senator from Illinois. And, while both senators support comprehensive immigration reform, only Obama has committed to bringing forward new legislation during his first year in office.

It is this commitment to the immigration issue which drove Obama to condemn the malicious lies made during the immigration debate, to understand the need for driver’s licenses, and to defend the rights of undocumented students by co-authoring the DREAM Act. The senator has demonstrated character by maintaining his position despite the hostile political climate….[V]ision makes the difference! Obama offers an inclusive message of hope that addresses our country’s historic moment.

We need a leader today that can inspire and unite America again around its greatest possibilities. Barack Obama is the right leader for the time. We know that he is not as well known among our community and while he has the support of Maria Elena Durazo, Senator Gil Cedillo and others he comes to the Latino community with less name recognition. Nevertheless, it is Obama who deserves our support… Barack Obama has the sensibilities of a man from humble beginnings raised in a multicultural home. He is the best option for a truly visionary change.


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